World-class sparkling wine from Germany


The production of a good sparkling-wine is a solid craftmanship.

The creation of ALLEMAGNER as a real feast for all senses is a fine art.


This fine art is mastered by selected German manufacturers, who produce ALLEMAGNER in the particularly complex process of the (traditional) bottle fermentation.

Award winning manufacturers, who have a story, years of experience, plenty of know how and a great deal of passion to give German Premium sparkling wine the features and characteristics that make him an ALLEMAGNER.


Renowned manufacturers, whose vines are standing in the best and most famous German wine regions. Wine-growing areas,
which had already been chosen by the Romans because of its exposed locations and the fertile soils for wine-growing.


Allemagner - the definition: German top sparkling wine from experienced manufacturers who have won numerous international awards, medals and trophies. Top German sparkling wine that international experts increasingly see on a par with high-priced products from Champagne in blind tastings. Top German sparkling wine that can justifiably be described as sparkling luxury.


A highlight for all senses

ALLEMAGNER can always be recognised by the elegant and interactive packaging.

ALLEMAGNER is a synonym for excellence and quality. As a newcomer on the scene ALLEMAGNER faces - proudly and confidently - the competition with the best sparkling wines in the world.

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